7 Deadly Sins of Small and Medium B2B Business Marketing

Let’s face it, gaining customers is hard. Here are some of the pitfalls to avoid in marketing your B2B business.

1. DIY – Do It Yourself Marketing

Most small and medium businesses have tight budgets which often leaves entrepreneurs with a do-it-yourself mindset when it comes to marketing. Wrong. Even though this strategy seems to be the only alternative and can work in the beginning, as time goes by you need to re-evaluate what your time costs as entrepreneur vs. outsourcing. Being caught in the daily operations, human resource issues, sales and so much more, you will hardly ever be left with enough time to do your marketing justice.

Bottom line – Get professional help.

2.  Magic Silver Bullet Marketing

It’s easy to think that a single event, Google AdWords campaign, billboard or email blast that will rake in the customers by the dozens. Think again. Marketing to the point of lead conversion relies on building trust by consistent engagement over. For example a potential client may see your branded vehicle, then read about you in a magazine and lastly conduct a google search for your services to find your website ranking at the top. All of these interactions have affirmed your legitimacy to service their need. It is therefore important to make sure you activate multiple touchpoints to engage your target market.

Bottom line – Decide on top 3 – 5 marketing initiatives that will get you maximum results.

3. Thinking that marketing costs big bucks

Let’s be honest, most marketing efforts do cost money. BUT there are also clever and affordable ways to carry out marketing efficiently. If you take Nando’s vs KFC for example. At one point Nando’s marketing budget was 15% of KFC’s and just as effective, if not more. How did they do this? By staying true to their brand through relevant and catchy content.

There are other smart actions you can follow – for example posting projects on your personal social media, placing stickers on products with your marketing – for example if you are in the air-conditioning business, to leave a sticker with your contact details on every air-con installed.

Bottom line – There are creative and affordable ways to engage clients.

4. Not tracking results

You can’t manage what you don’t measure. Not tracking the performance of your marketing efforts can leave you in the dark. It may be as simple as adding Google Analytics to your existing website or asking where new clients first heard about you.

Bottom line – Set measures in place that help track and improve performance.

5. Disconnect with sales

Separate camps for marketing and sales is a big no-no. Together these two can be a powerhouse maximising key touchpoints in the client journey such as budget season and call for proposals. More importantly the two needs to work together to channel and keeping leads hot ultimately converting them into deals.

Bottom line – Get sales and marketing around the same table.

6. Neglecting your database

Effective database management and maintenance is essential especially when it comes to B2B marketing. It is not a very exciting part of marketing, but your database is key to engage existing as well as potential clients on a regular basis through product mailers and news updates.

Bottom line – Set disciplines in place for ongoing database maintenance.

7. Inconsistent messaging

Every day people come into contact with millions of brands and marketing messages. To be remembered you need to have a strong message that is being communicated in a consistent way. Inconsistent use of your logo and other elements such as branding looks careless and unprofessional.

Bottom line – Decide what sets you apart and communicate this consistently.

Of course we at Kukula are here to help you along your way and have various solutions for solving your marketing shortfalls. Give us a shout to help you figure out something that is not only suited to solving your problems but also fits your budget and most importantly GETS RESULTS!

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This post was written by Tina Bodill
Tina heads up Kukula Marketing and loves getting her hands dirty on solving marketing problems from strategy, to brand development and marketing project execution mostly for Medium sized B2B Businesses.

She is a mom to a little human, a pug and a sausage dog and loves vintage Mustangs.

What should I name my business? – Business Name Ideas

Capturing the essence of your business is no easy feat. You need to settle on a business name that will have a long life and communicate your brand in a simple way.

We’ve put some naming categories that will help you along the way –

Functional Business Names

Examples – Builder’s Warehouse, Drain Surgeon

Pro’s – An immediate connection is formed with what your business does. This is particularly helpful for Search Engine Optimisation – meaning when someone googles services similar to your business it’s more likely they will find you first.

Con’s – If you expand into other industries/products or services, your name could limit you to your current specialization.

A Single Word Business Name

Examples – Discovery, Apple, Checkers, Mango

Pro’s- Catchy and easy to remember, also versatile for expansion into other products or industries.

Con’s – Finding something original that is not already taken may be hard. Marketing effort is required to layer meaning on what the business is actually about.

Acronym Business Name

Examples – MTN, EOH, KPMG, FNB

Pro’s – Short, roll off the tongue, easy to remember.

Con’s – Taglines, messaging and images will need to be used to communicate your business further.

Different Language  Business Names

Examples – Kulula, Vukhani

Pro’s – Intriguing and can imply multiple references related to your business
Con’s – Resonance may be limited to those individuals that understand the language, but can also intrigue those who do not.

Names of People as Business Names

Examples – Mugg & Bean, Phatshoane Henney Attorneys, Kunene Brothers Holdings, Nando’s, Ackermans

Pro’s – Names have strong cultural reference. They can also lend themselves to a theme such as Nando’s or a more serious professional organization such as attorney’s firms.

Random Words as Business Names

Examples – Five Roses

Pro’s – easy to remember once you have attached the meaning of your business in your clients’ minds

Con’s – marketing effort needs to be put in to attach meaning to these names otherwise your market will still associate its dictionary meaning.

Combo Business Names

Examples- YouTube, Takealot, Mediclinic, Google Maps

Pro’s – Meaning is instantly created with the use of two or more words

Con’s – Can be lengthy

Invented Business Names

Example – Zando, Google, Xerox
Pro’s – Original never before seen names leave lots to the imagination
Con’s – Other brand elements need to be used to create and imply the meaning and essence of the brand.


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This post was written by Tina Bodill
Tina heads up Kukula Marketing and loves getting her hands dirty on solving marketing problems from strategy, to brand development and marketing project execution mostly for Medium sized B2B Businesses.

She is a mom to a little human, a pug and a sausage dog and loves vintage Mustangs.

Expo Cheat Sheet

Expo’s can be a large capital layout (meaning you spend lots of money on a short window of time) BUT they can also be a hub and concentration of your target market which would make the money spent back from the business it would generate. Simply being at the right place at the right time is not enough. Here are some tips on maximising your bang for buck at expo’s.

1. First things first – Premarketing your attendance

Before you even step foot onto your 3 x 3m stand, you can gain awareness and create excitement by premarketing your attendance. Use your social media, send out a mailer to your existing database and let everyone know that you will be in the house.

2. FAME… Remember my name
Delegates will be bombarded with 1000s of messages during their visit. Average is just not going to cut it here. Make sure you are remembered by making your stand STAND OUT!!! Beat the boredom in a crazy or classy way think balloons or really smart and sexy looking promo girls, or a pink elephant, unicorns and a mermaid!
Staple a sweet to your business card, do whatever you have to for them to remember YOU!

3. Tag team
An expo can be the longest day of your life if you don’t share the load. Before expo day, divide your team up into shifts so that there are always fresh faces and feet on the stand. Also try pair a bubbly personality with someone less outgoing so that you do not have two introverts manning the stand at any one point in time. Which brings me to my next point.

4. Look the part
Don’t go standing there in your washed out shirt with your hair in a mess. You are the brand! Branded shirts, name badges and neatly pressed clothing is in order. If time is limited at least all wear the same shirts so that you look uniform.

5. All about that base, bout that base
Data-base that is! You have living breathing prospects walking right under your nose at an expo, but what about afterwards? Capture visitors’ details before they leave your stand. Make sure you are POPI compliant by asking them to opt in to any newsletters etc you are planning on sending their way afterwards.

6. Stock up on brand collateral
That is a big word for banners, brochures and business cards. Make sure you have ENOUGH business cards, brochures and handouts. Now here’s an opportunity to be clever. If you are tight on budget, simply maximising the messaging your business card could be enough – in that case, see point 2 above.

7. Furniture
A cocktail table and some chairs go a long way. This way you are still at eye level when engaging visitors who step onto the stand, but you can give your feet a rest.

8. Digital
Create some digital content before the event that can loop and catch passers-by’s attention. Keep the font BIG and text limited to what you put on each slide.

9. Post event marketing

Make sure you get into your database’s inbox the day after the event. Just a quick note to say  Nice Meeting You will remind them of you and keep the door open for future business.

Of course, you can also contact the Kukula team. We make your expo experience a breeze and more importantly help you maximise the opportunity to generate future business. Give us a shout to make sure you attend the right expo and that you are maximising the opportunity!

Go to – Kukula Marketing website
This post was written by Tina Bodill
Tina heads up Kukula Marketing and loves getting her hands dirty on solving marketing problems from strategy, to brand development and marketing project execution mostly for Medium sized B2B Businesses.
She is a mom to a little human, a pug and a sausage dog and loves vintage Mustangs.